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We show our Ragdolls on a regular basis, so that we can be confident that that the kittens we produce are a good example of the breed.   All our kittens are raised within our home as we believe this is the best way to ensure the friendly, laid back character for which the Ragdolls are famous.

In line with GCCF rules, all our breeding girls and boys have been DNA tested for the known HCM gene.  This is a heart disease which can be found in Ragdolls and other breeds of cat and may not show up until a cat is several years old.  By doing this we are doing our very best to ensure that our kittens leave us with the best possible chance of a long and healthy life.

We breed only Ragdoll cats as a hobby and have only a limited number of kittens throughout the year.  Many of our kitten enquiries are from owners who have had one of our kittens before, which just shows that 'Ragdolls are addictive'.  

Although a small breeder, we are dedicated to the breed and are registered breeders with TBRCC -  The British Ragdoll Cat Club.

We breed kittens in both seal and blue and all traditional patterns, that is, bicolour, colourpoint and mitted. We also have tabby (lynx) kittens sometimes available.

We are based in Essex in the U.K. and are approximately 20 minutes drive from the Dartford Crossing and the M25, or 15 minutes from Chelmsford.