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Woodypaws Harold (known to his friends as Harry) has left us now for his new home. 


ALL our kittens are neutered before leaving us at 13 weeks.  It is a much simpler operation when they are younger and they can return to a familiar home with their litter mates and quickly recover. It also means that new owners have a kitten that has had all necessary procedures carried out and they don't have the worry of a further operation a few months later.

Our kittens are also microchipped.  Microchipping is a painless procedure which allows a small microchip to be inserted under the skin allowing your kitten to be readily identified. Your kitten will have a unique number which is held on the Kennel Club database. As Ragdolls are house cats they are even more likely to become lost  if they are accidentally let out. Microchipping will give you the best possible chance of being reunited.  Microchip scanners are available to all vets and most rescue centres. 

Because Ragdolls are housecats and should not be allowed to roam freely outside the home, they can be very lonely if kept on their own all day.   For this reason we do not allow kittens to go to homes where they will be left alone for long periods of time, without the company of either their owner or another cat.

All our kittens are carefully raised within our home and are used to all the normal household noises (vacuum cleaners, washing machines, television) and activities.  They leave us at approximately 13 weeks old having been twice checked by our vet and fully vaccinated (at nine and twelve weeks) against flu and enteritis.

The parents of all our kittens have been tested for the known HCM gene (HCM is a heart disease)  In this way we have done our very best to ensure that our kittens will have long and healthy lives.

Our kittens are registered with the GCCF and go to their new homes with the following:

* Vaccination and health record - including microchipping record.

* 5 weeks free insurance.

* Four generation pedigree certificate 

* A New Owner Sheet giving instructions on how to care for them.

* A scent blanket, with the smells of our home and their siblings, to help them settle into their new home.

A grooming brush and food bowl

Some small toys.

We encourage all new owners to keep in contact with us and are always happy to  give any advice needed on settling your kitten into its new home.

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