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      Pictures sent to us from our kittens' new owners

Woodypaws Varney

Woodypaws Eric

Woodypaws Zacharie

Woodypaws Ziggy


Woodypaws Fonzo - a blue colourpoint

Woodypaws Fernando - a seal colour point

  Woodypaws Yago - 'Archie'

Woodypaws Harriet - 'Sophie'

Woodypaws Zaki - a seal mitted

Woodypaws Gerald

Woodypaws Palmira - a blue colourpoint

Woodypaws Halbert and Gethin

Woodypaws Blythe and Carisma

Woodypaws Zander - a blue colourpoint

Woodypaws Parry and his new friend Woodypaws Celine


Woodypaws Alice and Wanika


Woodypaws Zuri - a seal colourpoint

Woodypaws Perewinkle - a seal colourpoint

Woodypaws Bess and Bella


Woodypaws Carwyn